Invisible mode

Hi, excited to try out turnstile and have a question related to the different modes. With the managed mode, if I add it to my form, there’s an element, usually near the bottom of the form that says “success” if the user is “passed” as not requiring a human test. When near to the submit button of the form, this is a bit confusing by itself I think to the end user, but I can certainly address this by adding some label like Human Test: next to the widget to try and give it some context.

Ideally the widget would be invisible if the user passes, but visible when a challenge is needed. It sounds like this is what the invisible mode might accomplish, but what is not clear from the UI around that mode is: is it always invisible? Meaning someone who needs a human test will just be failed w/o any ability to be tested?

Perhaps with what I’m looking for I need to dig into the custom scripting which is okay, I just was curious to get more info on how exactly invisible mode worked first. Thanks

With invisible mode no widget will render, so the user will never see anything. I think Managed mode would accomplish what it sounds like you’re looking for when you say visible only when a challenge is needed.

Thanks for that confirmation on invisible. With Managed for me it shows even when interaction is not needed from the user so I can take a look at using the callbacks to hide it if it becomes confusing to our users.

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