Invisible DNS records

Why all my Dns records are not visible on DNS records tab?
For my domain when i set “ftp” A record pointing my host ip, it redirects to another site. My hosting provider said that the site my redirecting is unknown to them and it is sure that they have not redirected. But I never added this A records in my cf account as A record. The main confusing point is that, the dns records are not visible on my dns tab but publicly visible on dns testing sites. Please help me.

Summary : is redirecting somewhere. I can not see DNS records on my dns tab. How can i delete these records

  1. Your ‘ftp’ record should be set to :grey: (DNS Only), as Cloudflare does not proxy FTP traffic.
  2. It sounds like you’re trying to visit a website at the ftp subdomain. There shouldn’t be one, as that DNS record is just for file transfer. This is why your host is redirecting to some other site: their web server redirects unknown domains to the first one in their list. Unsurprisingly, it redirects to a domain that starts with “aa”.

Just now, i deleted the A record for ftp, waited till it completely updated ( using dnschecker tool). And again added A record that points to my hosting server ip. Now the subdomain is not working. Meaning i am still unable to access ftp account. Should i remove proxy to use ftp? I am actually trying to access my ftp account.

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