Invisible A record - can't be deleted/modified

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to connect my domain to shopify, doamin is validated and connected on shopify like it should. But SSL is on hold for non-www domain.

Sent a mail to shopify support, they said : “yes you got a A record here, that block us to validate your domain and send SSL cert”.

And indeed : i have a A record on my DNS when i scan them with tool like for example. But i see nothing at all on my CLoudflare dashboard !

My Dns zone on cloudflare : CleanShot 2021-12-30 at 11.50.18 · CleanShot Cloud

So my problem here is the A record on WWW. I can’t see it or edit it.

Can someone help me or point a direction to help me resolve this

Hi @user16464,

If’s actually your www CNAME to Shopify that’s causing this record, that points to then resolves to I would assume Shopify know that this is their own IP. Your root domain points to which is another of Shopify’s IPs.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense given that your record for the root domain and www point to Shopify.

It’s probably set to :orange: Proxied. Try setting your ‘www’ record to :grey: DNS Only.

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