Invalid zone status (Code: 1018), cannot pause cloudflare

  • Your domain name:

  • A screenshot of the 1018 error including the RayID mentioned in the error message

  • The time and timezone the 1018 error occurred: Brussels UTC+1

not sure what the problem is. Need to pause cloudlare (namecheap asked it cause i have an issue with uploading something and they want me to try it this way).

But now i’m unable to pause it.

The mentioned domain does not use Cloudflare at all.

It is currently delegated to Namecheap’s two name servers:

As such, there is absolutely nothing you can adjust / maintain through Cloudflare.


thanks for the reply.

I have changed my dns currently back to my hosting as i’m trying to solve the issue of my uploading.

I googled the errors before heading over to this forum.

I am trying now to go back to my hosting nameservers to solve my uploading issue. Once that’s over, i’m heading back to cloudflare.

So the issue i mentioned was when my nameservers were still pointed to:


my website was up and running, working and fully accessable, yet still had the error.


I am back registered to cloudflare. Still same error.

I’m also having the same issue right now, I can’t pause cloudflare on my website, and getting the same error.
Invalid zone status (Code: 1018)

I also have my domain registered with namecheap.
I have checked my NS, and they are correctly directed to cloudflare and all my DNS records are correct as well.

I also tried to delete and re-add the domain name, but I’m still unable to pause cloudflare on my domain.

@geoffreylemaire -

Within a very short window of maximum 24 hours, you changed name servers at least three times:

  1. Towards and, as mentioned above.
  2. Towards and
  3. Back to and

@Cap007 - You didn’t share your domain name, … however:

Given this deletion and re-adding, you have likely entered into a period of “uncertainty”, where the system doesn’t think you are properly attached to Cloudflare right now, and the solution would likely be to have patience and wait until the next time that Cloudflare scans your domain again, to verify you are on Cloudflare (again).

@careernigerians - Same might apply to you:

This domain is currently using the following IONOS / 1&1 name servers:

To all of you:

Cloudflare needs to see that your name severs are properly attached, before you can start enabling any sort of Cloudflare functionality.

If Cloudflare never detects they have been properly set, or otherwise think that they are no more set properly (e.g. because you constantly change name servers, or deleting/re-adding your domain), then the zone’s status will obviously change accordingly.

If Cloudflare doesn’t think the domain is currently on Cloudflare, there would seem to be nothing to “pause”.

Until Cloudflare has re-scanned your domains and hopefully verified things accordingly (that be, if you actually use Cloudflare name servers, according to the domain registry), then you might be able to gain the same funtionality as pausing Cloudflare, by changing the Proxy status of one or more individual DNS record(s) from Proxied (:orange:), to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

Changing things such as e.g. name servers or DNSSEC related data from the domain registrar can take up to 48-96 hours to propagate worldwide, which neither Cloudflare, the domain registrar/registry, or anyone else would be able to expedite.

For the major domains such as e.g. the .com and .net TLD, the TTL of the delegation from the parent registry is set at 48 hours, which means that the 48 hours is the least you should be expecting to wait for.

From a past (but actual personal, real life) experience, the magic kind of propagation time, until I personally didn’t experience any issues any more, was somewhere around 60 hours.

The fact that I didn’t personally experience any issues any more after ~ 60 hours, would however not be the same as that it would be impossible for anyone worldwide to see any issues still.

Patience (that be, WITHOUT changing name servers, deleting/re-adding your domains, or other crucial actions) will likely be the key to the solution for all of you.

Dear Darkdevil,

Thank you once again for taking your time to reply.

I’ll try again saturday, and in meanwhile will not touch and / or change anything from cloudflare settings nor NS.

I’ll keep you posted.


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