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I need help.


My registrar is GoDaddy and my main site is hosted by a company called Nationbuilder.
I have two subdomains that are hosted by CanSpace.
I changed the nameservers and the subdomains are coming up and seem to be working as intended, but my main site is giving me an Invalid URL error.
Nationbuilder says that I would have to disconnect from them hosting and reconnect to my new host (CloudFlare), but my understanding was that CloudFlare would just pass the traffic through… not actually host it.

Please help! Thanks!


They sound confused, since you are right that Cloudflare is not a host. Not sure about how NationBuilder works, but if they are a partner they may want you to sign up for Cloudflare through their interface (so they manage the DNS). Could that be what they meant?


I have no idea. I don’t think they’re a partner and I’m not a techie (filling a semi-techie role) in a small business. I just need to figure out how to make it work. :slight_smile:


Hopefully someone will have some tips here, but in the meantime you would probably contact support @ cloudflare so they can look over the specifics of your setup.


I’ve already submitted a support ticket. I’m on the free plan though right now. Do you know how long that usually takes for them to get around to the bottom of the totem pole?


I may be on to something.
For sites that use CloudFlare. Is the DNS typically managed by the host or by the registrar?
My main site (that is giving me the error) has the DNS managed by the host. I’m wondering if I have to set it up so the registrar is managing that instead.


I don’t think there is a “typical”. If you sign up for Cloudflare through a host it’s very likely they are managing the DNS and if you logged into Cloudflare directly you would see that under the DNS tab. If you signed up with Cloudflare directly and have it turned on you will most likely have us managing the DNS.

No right or wrong way to do it. You may get access to different features at different plan levels depending on which route you take.


I am desperate. I haven’t heard back from Cloudflare support and my site is still down!


What’s the site URL?

As for DNS setups, only Cloudflare can guess as to what percentage is managed by the host provider, but any setup is pretty workable.



I just got off of the phone with GoDaddy support and they believe that the problem lies in the fact that the DNS has not fully propagated around the internet as yet. They said to wait 48 hours and then go from there.
That said, my (hosted elsewhere) is blazingly faster than it was prior to Cloudflare!


I’m glad to hear that Cloudflare has sped up your shop website.

As for your main domain, it looks like DNS has fully propagated, according to

That being said, yes, something is broken. As a test, go to your Cloudflare DNS tab and :grey: the DNS entries for your website, and see if it starts working again. Let us know how that goes.

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