Invalid SSL Certificate. Main Domain is in DO and Subdomain will be on Shared Hosting (Namecheap)

Hi, I have a domain bought on NameCheap (e.g. mydomain[dot]com). It is currently hosted at Digital Ocean running with Cloudflare and it’s working great. However, I would want to create a subdomain (e.g. blog[dot]mydomain[dot]com) and host it on a NameCheap shared hosting.

  1. What I did was add a subdomain in my Shared Hosting.
  2. Then add an A Record at Cloudflare DNS which points and proxied to the IP address of the shared hosting

From what I could recall, these steps are already enough. Am I missing something? I am currently receiving an Error 526 Invalid SSL Certificate error.

Any thoughts or ideas on this?

You need to configure your server with a valid certificate for that new hostname. Maybe take a look at Cloudflare’s Origin certificates.

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