Invalid SSL certificate intercepted Ping is not available



The connection to the website is not a private connection
The security certificate used by the visited website is incorrect or invalid (NET:: ERR_CERT_INVALID)
There may be security risks. It is recommended to visit the site after finding out the cause. Understanding details
The website you visited is:


I am from China, using your “SSL Universal Certificate” and blocked by the browser. The “https” in the browser address bar does not show green. I suspect that the domain name “sni. cloudflaressl. com” in the certificate could not be opened.








There is no guarantee of the integrity of the certificate of the signature-changed document. Certificate may be damaged or changed

my site :


For me the certificate validates.

Can you verify that your certificate details match the following? In particular the serial number and the fingerprints. If necessary open the page with Firefox. Also, make sure your certificate contains your domain name in the Subject Alternative Name field.


My guess would be there is either some obscure browser incompatibility (you are using Edge, which should be fine in this context) or the certificate is somehow compromised.

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