Invalid SSL certificate Error Code 526 for sub domain

This is for a subdomain and I am using it to go to vimeo. I currently have another subdomain that goes to flipbook that works fine. Using GoDaddy for my SSL with wildcard for 1. Can I have two subdomains? Didn’t get any error when I tried to set up
2. I called GoDaddy and they said that they couldn’t help me because it was on a subdomain.
3. Vimeo gives me an error that tells me to point the A-record to which I did yesterday. It immediately tells me that the subdomain is not available.
Should I change my SSL to be hosted by Cloudflare? Should I leave it with Godaddy? Please help me.

You probably need to set the DNS record for to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

I assume you are setting up a custom domain on Vimeo as here…

Vimeo seems to be using Cloudflare for SaaS to handle certificates for this.

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