"Invalid SSL certificate Error" code 526 for second app running on port 2053

I have two web apps on my server.

One is running Apache Tomcat which serves the webpages which is working fine when I go to MYDOMAIN.com

I also have another reactive (streaming) Netty server running on port 2053 which is running on a subdomain. api.MYDOMAIN.com

when I browse to api.MYDOMAIN.com:2053/myendpoint I get the following message

“Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526

Is my setup wrong? Any idea how I can fix the issue? I need my streaming app to work with HTTPS also.

The “Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526” occurs when Cloudflare cannot validate the SSL certificate on your server. To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have a valid SSL certificate for your subdomain (api.MYDOMAIN.com).
  2. Install it on your Netty server running on port 2053.
  3. Configure your server to use the SSL certificate for HTTPS connections.
  4. Go to your Cloudflare dashboard, navigate to the SSL/TLS tab, and set SSL mode to ‘Full (strict)’.

After completing these steps, your streaming app should work with HTTPS without the error.


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