Invalid SSL and host error

This is all new to me and i know that my issue is completely rudimentary but trying to connect a Squarespace website to Cloudflare DNS…im getting an invalid SSL cert and host error. any guidance is appreciated. Ian

What error are you getting?

What’s the website?

Could you provide a screenshot (with sensitive details redacted)?

The origin web server does not have a valid SSL certificate.

What is the site?

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I’m trying to connect Squarespace to Cloudflare

that would help

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it wouldn’t let me give the site

If you cannot enter the domain due to new user restrictions on posting links, you can replace the dots with [dot] like example[dot]com, or use code blocks by placing a backtick ` before and after the domain name. That will make it appear as instead of a link.

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sandbaryachtadventures dot com

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I see a squarespace message

To learn how to verify your domain, [manage your domain settings here.](```

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