Invalid session for a part of a page showing the login box

This is a bit of a weird one. We have Access in front of a bunch of sites and some of them work well, others display the Access login box inside of the page in places that have an SVG.

When you try to log in, it brings you to the actual url for the svg and has __cf_access_message=invalid_session at the end of the url


I’ve not yet figured out a way of getting rid of the login box. It is stuck there.

I found the solution while I was gathering more info.

The <svg> part is a red herring :fish:. They were being loaded on the page in a weird way, before the page was rendered :thinking:. Which is why the login page gets rendered in it’s place! It all makes sense now.

So this could have happened with any type of content.

I changed the svg inclusion just to use an <img> tag eg. <img src="image.svg"> and everything works as expected now :+1:

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