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trust you are all doing well.

I have two websites actually one was working until last week Friday 09th Oct 2020 when I transfer my second domain from Hostgator to Cloudflare.

the first one that was working perfectly is and now it retuns the error on below image :

the second site that I newly transferred to Cloudflare is: unfortunately I don’t know the DNS details of my website. I need help to configure the website correctly and get it online running. I have made some research on the internet and have updated the DNS records but still, nothing is working. Can someone take a look at the below screenshot and advise what am I doing wrong?

Thank you all

For antfinal, those are Cloudflare IP addresses and won’t work. You need your server’s IP address, and that would usually be just one record.

profitableelements redirects to a Suspended page, which isn’t working. I suggest you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview page (lower right corner, then wait five minutes) and see if your site works. If not, contact your host to find out why.



Thank you for your swift response.

For I have turned off Cloudflare on my site since yesterday, and have tested it today but still the same problem.

Regarding I have been trying to find out my server’s IP and most of the ways I found on the internet keep revealing these three (03) IPs on my Record. (belonging to Cloudflare).
How can I find the correct IP of my Server?
As all my domains are transferred to Cloudflare are they not my Host?
by the way, I am a full-time accountant so my I.T needs polishing. However, I am a fast learner and once I have the info I will make sure not to report the same problem twice.

Cloudflare is not a website host. It proxies traffic to your server, and in the process, optimizes and provides some protection.

Your actual website host would have the DNS records you need to copy over to your Cloudflare account. The Cloudflare DNS record list should be a perfect copy of your DNS records list at your web host.

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