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I am using a Tinker board with Debian 9, ddclient, nginx, dnsmasq. I signed up for a domain at netfirms, then signed up for

Ddclient shows a successful update of the correct IP to dnsomatic but dnsomatic shows an error “err Invalid request headers (6003)”. I’m not sure where the problem is, does anyone know where to start?

Not sure on that exact error, but you can skip a step and update Cloudflare directly.

Forget it. :wink:

I guess that even your update would work, it would be rejected by Cloudflare. (Not a CF problem)
I receive the follwing error error on my DynDNS updates via DNS-o-Matic:
err More than 1200 requests per 300 seconds reached. Please wait and consider throttling your request speed (10100).

I’ve contacted Cisco weeks ago but it seems that they are not interested to solve this. Or they are just ignoring mails :joy:

Update your record directly instead of using DNS-o-Matic.
I for myself can’t since I’ve a router that is able to make the updates. . I don’t need more hardware running at home executing scripts just to update my IP.

I contacted both DNS-o-Matic and Cloudflare months ago, Cloudflare said they would try contacting them, but nothing from either side since. You can update directly Cloudflare or use a CNAME to a separate domain (I use a Google Domains one as they support ddclient directly which is a great thing!)

Thanks, I don’t have Mac.

For GNU/Linux ddclient you need json-any perl module installed, for debian

apt install libjson-any-perl

then you need a ddclient config that looks like this

Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf


use=web, #maybe my dnsomatic account was for something :confused:
login=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #your mail address
password=‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ #Cloudflare API key
zone=xxxxxxxxxxxxx #your domain
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #your domain (again?)

Thanks to all that replied :slight_smile:

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