Invalid request. Account does not have an active billing profile. (Code: 1001)


I am getting this error when i try to add in my card to purchase an Edge Certificate. I have the free cloudflare service atm and I don’t know if that is the issue and I need to upgrade. I shouldn’t have to upgrade to the premium cloudlfare service just to purchase SSL for my website through cloudflare.


Support ticket I’d say.


How do I make a support ticket?


just login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


I have the same issue I opened up a ticket with them. Just waiting on a fix there were kind enough to give me the pro plan since I was planning on upgrading to it along with argo, and a dedicated cert. I needed the pro plan due to waf firewall and such.


@nooblycore91 any luck with your issue as of yet ?