Invalid Origin SSL Certificate, but its Valid


For some reason, Cloudflare is reporting that the Origin SSL Certificate it generated for me is invalid once installed on a cPanel server, but I have confirmed that the server is responding with the correct certificate, Cloudflare just won’t accept it as valid.

To add further confusion to the mix, I moved my site over to a VPS that was setup as a simple LAMP server and I coppied the SSL Key CSR and Cert over to the VPS and installed it accordingly, and changed DNS to point to the VPS. Cloudflare accepted that, which backs me up on it being the correct one installed on the cPanel server.

I then reinstalled the exact same certificate on cPanel again and pointed DNS back to the cPanel server and it is again invalid. The certificate covers multiple domains, which I also have pointing to the same cPanel server, and I redirect to the main one using .htaccess file instead of with Cloudflare. The redirections work which means SSL works for those domains (I have acced Cloudflare to force SSL for these domains) and that the cert is installed successfully, it just won’t work for the main domain for some weird reason.

Why does Cloudflare not like the main domain on the hosting server but likes the alternative domains and also likes my LAMP VPS? I’m stumped here, and hope someone can help me here.

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