Invalid or missing zone (Code: 1023)

I logged in and saw this pop up at the bottom of the screen but no explanation and can’t find this code in your docs. Not sure what it means. Doesn’t seem to be keeping me from my dashboard or using any of the services. Please advise thank you.

Hi @phil.ingram,

It may have been a temporary issue, can you confirm if you still see this or if it no longer shows up?

I have not seen it reappear since I dismissed it. If it helps, I had the Overview tab open at the time. I had switched browser tabs then came back and saw it at the bottom of my screen. It reappeared everywhere I navigated until I dismissed it.

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Turns out I had forgotten about not only switching browser tabs after logging in but I had also had issues pulling up one of the sites in another tab and had tried disabling my VPN and reconnecting and I believe the Cloudflare tab that was still open but not in focus was still communicating and this network switch is likely what caused that error. I’ll report back if it resurfaces.

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