"invalid or missing name" in DNS file upload

Getting this error when uploading a DNS file:

Wondering how I can add these to Cloudflare properly?

Thank you

For Skype, create two SRV records

Service = _sip
Protocol = TLS
Name = youdomain.com

Service = _sipfederationtls
Protocol = TCP
Name = yourdomain.com

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Iā€™m not certain but I think the error is because there are characters after the @ sign. The name [email protected] should probably be [email protected] here @ is your apex domain.

To add a SRV record in the Cloudflare dashboard I entered one as follows:
(YOUR_MISSING_NAME is just your domain name and can be left blank)
28%20pm 51%20pm

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The SVR content is correct and the _sipfederationtls is


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Also, are you using/adding any other Office 365 services? if not, make sure you have the following CNAME.
lyncdiscover is an alias of webdir.online.lync.com

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