Invalid or missing intermediate (bundle) certificate

I have set up a bunch of sites on cloudflare before but have never had issues with SSL certificates before.

On this domain however i am getting the error “invalid or missing intermediate (bundle) certificate” on why no padlock.

I am not really sure where to go from here. The name servers are set up on cloudflare and there appears to be a certificate installed in the CP but when i check through why no padlock it seems to be picking up an expired certificate.

as i was only able to upload one image, here is the second

Your server certificate expired and you need to renew that.

that wasn’t the issue (see my second post).

for anyone coming in from google that has a similar issue it was that the A records were not proxied.

To ensure the certificate is running on the site (as even if the name servers are set to cloudflare that might not be enough) then ensure that each of the cname and A records are proxied by cloudflare and not set to “DNS only”

That is the issue, the proxying is unrelated to your certificate. You need to fix your server certificate.

why are you arguing? can you not see in my second post that the certificate is set to expire in 2 months time?

Arguing? You asked a question and I gave you the correct answer.

You have an expired and broken certificate on your server and need to fix that.

please see;

How is that related to your case? You don’t even have an Origin certificate.

we now see this

so clearly it was the solution that works

Your site does not even load →

Once more, you have an expired certificate on your server and need to fix that.

Might have something to do with the fact its used to redirect off. The issue we had was that the redirect was being blocked by the SSL issue which is now resolved

It does not.

As I said numerous times, you need to fix your server certificate. Not sure what’s so difficult to understand about that.

You can clearly see here that the certificate now passes as its now using the cloudflare certificate instead of the expired one that it was previously using.

And who has ever been talking about the proxy certificate?

I have been clearly referring a million times to your server certificate. Fix that and your site will load again, but as you seem to know better, it’s certainly up to you :roll_eyes:. Not sure why you even asked for advice.

as i previously mentioned, its just a redirect. I wasn’t looking for the “site to load”, i was just looking for the issue i stated in the subject to be fixed which is why i asked for help. You have gone off the rails. I am not even planning on using the server anymore as i am going to change the A record over to its new home and have a secondary domain set up.

I don’t appreciate your antagonistic attitude and i was trying to keep things on track.

Do whatever you want, you were given the correct advice more than once, if you choose to ignore it and not fix your site that’s up to you.

Closing as you apparently clarified everything.