Invalid nameservers provided by Cloudflare (can't be recognized)

This question has been asked multiple times, but I didn’t find a solution working for me.

The situation is this:

  • My hosting and domain registrar is (italian)
  • My domain is
  • I can’t change DNS to Cloudflare ones because aruba says

“I NameServer inseriti non sono validi, puoi controllarli tramite la pagina

(Nameservers aren’t valid)

Yeah - I have other websites on Cloudflare that are hosted on aruba, but this domain is fresh new.

Cloudflare assigned me these ones

This issue has come up with them before. Check out this post:

Yeah I have seen that post, but I don’t understand the solution provided at the end :confused:
Should I simply contact Cloudflare?

Uhm. There is no way to contact Cloudflare!

Please contact your registrar. They should be able to tell you why they are giving this error.

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