Invalid link for activating account, unable to access tickets

Hi there,
We keep running into issues trying to verify a client’s email. Every time we click the link they get in the email verification, we get the message “Can’t verify email address. This link is no longer valid”. We’ve tried with different browsers with no cache, same message every single time.
We’ve opened a support ticket, we got an automated response about how to change the email address. We don’t want to change the email, but even if we try to do that, we get an error message saying we need to verify the email first.
We can’t access the support ticket either, when we access the link to post a reply, we get this message “{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:1000,“message”:“SSO failed. Please verify your email before sign in the support site”}],“messages”:,“result”:null}”
They can’t access community either, they need to first verify their email, I was able to access it using a personal account.

So we’re running in circles here, we’d appreciate a real person’s advice.

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After clearing browser cache, if you keep having this issue, can you create an Account ticket using the account you are using here and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

Exact same issue here today.

The verification is always invalid and I hit the limit of 5 resend. I’ve been able to send a ticket but I couldn’t consult the reply or answer as mentioned in the first message…

Any help would be appreciated.


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