Invalid DS record when moving domain to cloudflare

Apologies if I didn’t search good enough but I am trying to connect my domain to cloudflare, changed the nameservers by copying/pasting them but something seems to be wrong.

I got an email saying the domain could not be moved to cloudflare due to an invalid DS record on my domain. But as far as I can see there is no DS record in the domain. I did see something about DNNSEC that should be disabled but don’t see any options for this at my domain registrar.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction

What is the domain?

DNSSEC isn’t enabled at your registrar, but DS records are being returned from the .nl root servers.

Check with your registrar if there is an issue between them and the registry.

Thanks for replying so quickly. I will try to contact the registrar, I found out that they normally have DNSSEC enabled but temporaty disable it when the nameservers are changed (which I did). Could that cause the DS records being shown?

Contacted registrar and they say that DNNSEC is disabled at the moment so no DS record should show up

That’s what I said here…

Either there is some delay between them turning it off and it coming into effect, or something isn’t working as it should. Whatever it is it can only be fixed by the registrar and the registry. You can’t do anything in Cloudflare to fix it.

The record has now cleared (likely because your registrar did do something) and your domain should be working. You may need to wait for the change to propagate…

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Thank you so much for your support. Just got confirmation mail that the website is active and it really is. So once again I am happy with a community where you really get support… have a great day

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