Invalid Domain

I’m not sure what could be the problem, I’ve had no problem adding a site in the past.

Now when choosing to add it states INVALID DOMAIN
So I tried taking the www off to make it but it states INVALID DOMAIN
then I tried to put the www back on and add an http to create but Cloudflare’s response is INVALID DOMAIN.

I’ve been called worse.

So then I went and clicked a different link to add a domain (the upper-right one) and when I entered it returned with something about making sure I’ve entered the root domain.
so then I took the www back off and resubmitted and this time it worked~!

But now I’m wondering if something else is wrong (for instance, if cloudlflare knows that is the root and not what I thought was my preferred method of adding the www…

Oh man

Hi @springfieldcomputer,

I have just tested this and if you just put, then it works for me. You can’t add www or any other subdomain, only the root domain.

Edit: Just saw your edit and that is works for you now.

I suspect maybe a rogue space at the beginning or end?

Not 100% on what you mean here, can you please explain?


I mean that in my domain are the pages that all contain the full www.springf… and it’s my preferred entry as opposed to leaving off the www. The concern was that by my site propagating a different url (with or without the www) might cause some other problem (such as an SEO can of worms pitfall)

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