Invalid Domain Name

Hello, When I got add a website it says that its an invalid domain, but its a valid subdomain that works perfectly fine everywhere else besides Cloudflare. I tried adding in my main website as well which I also know works, but its also saying invalid. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Are you adding or or Should just be

I’ve tried all versions, however I am just seeing now that the slash at the end was what blocked my main domain. I am wanting just to connect my subdomain and a new error shows that I cannot have a subdomain added
example.example. com

I created a subdomain purposely for connecting to a ccm and dont want to involve the parent domain as its just for a flash promotion.

Adding subdomains is only supported on the Enterprise plan.

You can do this by adding a domain, upgrading to a business account and then using a CNAME setup.

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