Invalid domain gitlab pages

I can’t register my gitlab pages domain because it says it invalid.
The domain format in gitlab pages is http(s)://
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Try just

It says “is not a registered domain” which is correct. the problem is that gitlab gives you the domain with the project name and without it, it really direct you to non existing page

Still working our way down. How about Maybe it wants the parent domain so it knows what subdomain to add.

Still not working…
“We were unable to identify as a registered domain. Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains”

Where are you trying to do this? Can you post a screenshot?

That looks like an offical Gitlab domain. Since you don’t own that domain, you can’t add that domain, or any of its subdomains, to Cloudflare. You need your own domain, and them you can probably add a CNAME under your domain that points to a Gitlab project subdomain.

Sounds legit. just wanted to insure that i’m not giving up so fast.
Thank you!

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