Invalid domain / Cannot find the website


I’m looking to block a certain demographic from my website using clouflare as I think that person is a stalker. When I try to add the website, it says invalid domain. Is there a solution to this and can you please guide me on how to do this, step by step?


Hello there,

You can use WAF to block it.

Thanks. But what about using clouflare?

Yeah. I’m talking about the web application feature WAF in Cloudflare. You can learn more about it here:

Thank you. If I need help configuring it, whom should I contact? Thanks again.


Thank you for asking.

Is it a error “is not a registered domain” or some other? :thinking:

You can write a ticket to Cloudflare Support, otherwise you’re free to create a topic here with a related question and provide as much feedback information as you can, so we could double-check, troubleshoot and try to find a solution for you :wink:

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