Invalid DNS - Google Sites / Workspace into subdomain

Getting this Invalid DNS error

Google Sites doesn’t require anything other then the CNAME record entry and everything with regards to the main Google Workspace applications is fine pointing to the ghs googlehosted URL

I haven’t done anything with TXT records - presume nothing required?
Do I need to NOT Proxy the subdomain? Doesn’t seem to be required for other subdomains I have going to Google

Any ideas to try?

Additional guidance provided by Google here from that error

Do I need to create a CAA record?
Does Cloudflare have “proper support” for CAA per guidance on the site?
** Add a CAA record to your domain.*
** Contact your DNS provider to fix the CAA support.*
** Change to a DNS provider that provides proper CAA support.*
** Reconfigure a CAA record if it was explicitly configured to prevent issuance by Let’s Encrypt.*

Do i have enough patience to wait and let things work on their own? NO!

Correct. If it’s trying to verify the DNS record, it needs to be :grey: DNS Only.


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