Invalid Date For Transfer?

Hi, I’m trying to change registar from Godaddy to Cloudflare. The site does expire on 18th.
Would that be the reason for invalid date?
What do I need to do now? Buttons on both sides don’t work either to confirm or cancel move!

We have billing and registrar specialists posting in the Community most days and they can confirm, but it appears the transfer is in process (you can approve it at godaddy to make it transfer more quickly) and I am guessing there is no expiry date as it’s an in-process transaction.

Thanks Cloonan,
I’ve already approved it.
It’s a .com so shouldn’t really be any hold-up.
Let’s see what happens.

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+1 recently most transfers have been going pretty quickly and a whois shows it’s in process

   Domain Status: pendingTransfer

I don’t know which buttons you’re referencing, I do see that behind the Manage link the expiry date of Jan 18 that you mentioned. Let us know if you don’t see progress by tomorrow.

Thanks again Cloonan, I was trying to push it through Godaddy, but I can neither Approve or Cancel from their dashboard. Let’s see what happens tomorrow :slight_smile:

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