Invalid certificate (Code: 1002)

The error message seems self explanatory, but the certificate is fine - it is in use on all of our live websites and has a year until it expires. The certificate itself is just a general SSL certificate (‘Basic OV’ ) wildcard by DigiCert, and was a re-issue supplied only yesterday to replace the expiring one from last year - we are literally just trying to replace our expiring copy on Cloudflare with the new one the same way we always do. Each time we submit it as an Edge certificate (either paste in the certificate content or upload the certificate file) we see the same error message at the bottom of the page and it refuses to save the form:

Invalid certificate (Code: 1002)

There is no more information than that. Neither the community posts, AI ‘help’ chatbot, FAQ nor Google can find that error code (1002) with that message; it looks like CF have reused the same error code for a bunch of seemingly unrelated issues with other things like DNS, so I can’t find any clues so far.

I know Cloudflare have deprecated certain products from DigiCert but surely a standard SSL certificate is not one of them from what I’ve read on their documentation.

How can I find out WHY it thinks the certificate is invalid and WHAT I am supposed to do about it? Obviously there’s literally no way to contact CF to ask for any support from them…

What am I doing wrong?

Strange, I don’t see sandro’s reply here, but to answer the question: yes, we are using a Business plan account


Can you please create a ticket with us, so we can investigate this issue with you please? As I am currently viewing your zone accessible.