Invalid auth code

Trying to transfer my .studio domain from namecheap to Cloudflare. Domain expires after few days if that matters. I turned off domain lock in namecheap, get the auth code via email but when i paste in transfer page in Cloudflare i get “Invalid auth code”.
I have already read common questions here about this topic, but nothing works.
Have suggestions?

Your domain indeed at the 5th of february. And I guess that could be a problem related to: #before-transferring-a-domain-to-cloudflare

  • Renew your domain if it is within 15 days of expiration.

But that would/should be another error code. Are you sure you copied the Auth Token correct? sometimes a space-char is sneaking into the selected area. To make sure that did not happen, please try to manually type it in.

If that does not help please report this to NameCheap and ask for a valid Auth Token so you can move your domain.

I’m absolute sure for the auth code, trying manually type, trying copy/paste via notepad editor, view email source message.
But i really missed that for 15 days of expiration.
Anyway, ajax response is:

{“result”:null,“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:10000,“message”:{“message”:“Invalid auth code”}}],“messages”:[{“message”:“Invalid auth code”}]}

Thanks @M4rt1n i wrote to the support of namecheap and they generated me new auth code (last one was too long) :slight_smile: and now everything fine.

You are welcome :wink:
Have a good day!

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