Invalid address in $_SERVER ['REMOTE_ADDR']

Are you sure this was not a response to something else? Did you flag anything?

I’d try a different browser or a different machine altogether. On Sitemeer there was the correct address, so I’d assume there is either something partially hijacking your traffic or you have some VPN or proxy in use (could be even part of the browser).

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I wanted to write you technical details in private messages, but probably you have a closed personal account or it is still not available to me as a beginner. Maybe you will write to me first, and I will answer you in private messages?

Private messaging is not publicly enabled on the forum.

I’d really check for this.

I don’t have another provider right now, maybe I can only check on the weekend. And now the result is this: on different computers, on different operating systems, in different browsers - everywhere we define my IP as But at the same time! All three computers are connected by different wires to the same provider switch to different ports. All three computers have different IP addresses for accessing the Internet, but from the same subnet, but the site sees them all under the same address

I created a subdomain for the test, on which I turned off Cloudflare protection. In this case, the site determines different and correct addresses of all three clients everywhere.

I can’t understand what is the reason? In the provider? Then why does your site determine my IP correctly?

Maybe your router is doing something. I am afraid it really is difficult to say without actual access to the machines. Maybe try over at StackExchange or Reddit, they might also have some ideas.

But yes, as you mentioned, Sitemeer did get the correct address and that was properly rewritten. You can really only try to exclude as many parts as possible and make sure you are connecting directly via your ISP and not any intermediate layers. Maybe contact your provider as well and clarify if that 193 address could be remotely related to them.

I checked from two other places - the client’s IP is determined correctly.

I asked the provider a question - he replied that he does not perform any manipulations (proxy, VPN) with traffic. IP 193 does not belong to him.

I asked the representative of the Cloudflare Team about his answer to me yesterday, that the problem is taking place - I did not receive an answer.

It’s very strange.

Who sent you that message yesterday?

But I’d really rather go for a local issue than anything ISP related. When you visited Sitemeer it did provide the correct address.


I don’t have any ideas yet.

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I’d assume that message was rather referring to something else.

As for the issue, I’d try that

We can probably assume that it is not a Cloudflare issue as the address was properly sent yesterday.

Yes, that is spot-on @sandro, it was a response to a flagged post @greys

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If this helps you, I can find a free computer tomorrow, install remote access like Teamviewer, Ammyy admin, AnyDesk… on it, and can connect with the problem themselves, if of course it’s interesting to you.

Thanks for the offer, but that would really reach far beyond the scope of the forum here.

I’d really try aforementioned sites for further information or maybe even post on a Russian forum related to ISP topics. As far as Cloudflare is concerned it appears as if the address really is recognised properly and the issue is either locally or with your ISP’s routing I am afraid.

I noticed today in the nginx logs that while my work computer is turned off, someone continues to visit my site under my IP 193.

Probably from the outside it looks like some kind of nonsense or hacking or a virus, but I am convinced that this is not so.

Since there is supposedly mine in the logs, it turns out that Cloudflare will replace the address not only for me, but also for other site visitors.

I wrote to Cloudflare technical support, maybe they will say something.

Are you saying someone else also sends requests from that address?

We should be able to rule out that this is an issue on your server as /cdn-cgi/trace showed the same value, however we should be able to rule out a Cloudflare issue as well as your IP address was correctly forwarded on Sitemeer.

Yes, at a time when my laptop is physically disconnected from the network, I see log entries from

But this is not my address, my 95.80.


One of the other devices on your network?

I’d really first try to clarify why your requests go through that address.

I’ll tell you more.

The provider’s optical cable comes to me, which goes to the router. The router has several ports. I can use any of them. The provider has allocated me several IP addresses. Basically, I use the same port and the same IP. Usually, the switch uses one port for my laptop. The other ports are free. Yesterday I connected different computers to different ports, and manually configured the network card parameters (IP, mask, gateway, dns-the provider does not have DHCP).

No matter what device I log in from, my site always defines the IP incorrectly as 193, although different IP addresses are registered on all three devices. If you disable the proxy settings on Cloudflare-the IP is determined correctly for all three devices.

When I leave work, I turn off my laptop and put it in the safe.

At the moment when I see accesses to the site from IP 193 in the nginx logs , there are no connected devices in the router. That is, these are not my devices.

Have I answered your question?

What did they say?

I have not yet applied to other forums. I’m trying to solve the problem here, so here is the original source and probably there is a better chance to get an answer here.

I am afraid you won’t be able to fix this here. As I mentioned way earlier already, this does not appear to be Cloudflare related and you need to check why you are going through that address in the first place.

Try the places mentioned earlier.