Introducing ResiliencyWeek

What is ResiliencyWeek?
As part of our ongoing efforts to demonstrate the reliability and availability of our core services, 100% of the Cloudflare API and Dashboard traffic will be routed to our disaster recovery site during the following dates:


Why are we doing this?
Keeping our core services reliable and always available is a top priority at Cloudflare. This helps us ensure that our disaster recovery (DR) site is equipped to take over in the event of an outage or hardware failures at our production site.

A portion of our API and Dashboard is already being dynamically geo-steered to our DR site. During the next phase of our disaster recovery protocol, we will move all API and Dashboard traffic over to the site.

How Does this Affect Our Community?
Any questions about Resiliency Week can be posted on the Cloudflare Community under the #ResiliencyWeek topic. Cloudflare MVPs & Team members will be watching this topic and respond to your questions accordingly.

What do you need to do now?
No action is needed on your part. A maintenance window will be in effect at the beginning of the event to failover this API and Dashboard traffic, and another will be implemented at the end to reverse any changes.

How will this impact you?
Edge performance will be unaffected.

Databases at the DR site will be promoted to primary and services will be executed from this location throughout the event. Users located closest to our European region will experience a slight reduction in latency while visiting the Cloudflare API and Dashboard, while users located farthest from Europe will experience a slight increase in latency.