Introducing Deploy Buttons



Deploy buttons are great!
I have a question though. How do we deal with KV namespaces ?
I currently associate the KV name to id in wrangler.toml but how does it work for user deploying a new worker with id that do not match ?

Is there a way to ensure that when they deploy they have their KV automatically created ?

Afaik there is no support for auto-creating KV namespaces in Wrangler Actions. However, I managed to work around with preCommand

        preCommands: |
          wrangler kv:namespace create KV_NAMESPACE_NAME
          apt-get update && apt-get install -y jq
          kv_namespace_id=$(wrangler kv:namespace list | jq -c 'map(select(.title | contains("KV_NAMESPACE_NAME")))' | jq ".[0].id")
          echo "[env.production]" >> wrangler.toml
          echo "kv_namespaces = [{binding=\"KV_NAMESPACE_NAME\", id=${kv_namespace_id}}]" >> wrangler.toml
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We might have soon, free Workers KV to try across accounts, that will solve this issue.


Here it is: