Introducing Cloudflare Pages: the best way to build JAMstack websites



This is interesting! :slightly_smiling_face:

One question though, which I couldn’t find in the docs. Where are Cloudflare Pages hosted/stored specifically?

(Yes I know “in the cloud”, but that’s not really a geographical location and I suppose our entire website, including the unpopular assets, is not replicated in each data centre. Workers KV, for instance, has a global storage for ‘cold’ files.)

I’d be surprised if this wasn’t stored like the current Cloudflare Worker Sites are, the “Pages” are simply a Worker that serves the headers etc and uses KV for the page-storage. I’m sure the pricing (once revealed) will reflect that.

There is one gaping ravine of a problem with all this, you still can’t “sell” sites because workers and KV aren’t available in Cloudflare Apps yet, something I bet will be coming soon™.

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It’s already revealed.

Bottom of the page.

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Huh, that’s surprises me quite a lot that they would make it “unlimited”.

Now the pricing is based on how often you update your site.
I’m sure it’s more than expected, especially since previews seem to count too.

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Are the 500 builds per month counted per account or per site?

They are per account.