Introducing Awesome for Cloudflare

Hey Folks!

So I’ve been exploring this community for a few weeks now, Although I’ve been using Cloudflare probably since its inception but never joined this community before. However, those worker recipes got me all interested. So decided to sign up today and share my new GitHub project that I’m hoping will be useful to everyone.

I’ve been bookmarking, staring and saving all sorts of Cloudflare related awesome projects that I’ve come across over the years. More so specifically those worker recipes and basically anything that seems awesome and related to Cloudflare.

Now obviously with so many of these awesome things around, it starts getting unorganized and we start losing those links we had once saved somewhere. Decided to check if there was an awesome project for Cloudflare that I can contribute to, but there was none.

So I took this initiative to create one myself and thought it might be useful to share it here.

A curated list of awesome Cloudflare worker recipes, open-source projects, guides, blogs, and other resources.

Here’s the project:

You’re welcome to :star:star it as well as contribute, So please suggest/create a PR with anything that you think is awesome and worthy.

P.S. I’ve just created this today. I’ve got dozens of links to add. So will be adding them slowly in phases. Will try to add the list to the official awesome list after a month since they require minimum 30 days.


Hey @irs – this is incredible work! Super happy to see this pop up. Happy to help if you need it :slight_smile:

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Hey @signalnerve, Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see a positive response from the community as well as Cloudflare Team so far.

As far as help is concerned, that would be highly appreciated. So I’ve got a few things that I’d need help with if you can:

  1. I’ve sent an email to your Legal team seeking approval on a few things and review of the repo as I’ve although read the trademark legal page and tried my best to comply with the legal requirements but just wanted to make sure there are no issues before we take this forward. So I’m not sure how long that’ll take. If possible, it would be great if you could have them go through it ASAP and that’s sorted soon hopefully?
    One of the requests for approval in my email was for the badge idea in which it’ll mutually benefit for the growth of the list as well as the OSS project authors to show off they’ve been listed/mentioned on it. It’s inspired by the awesome mentioned badges. So in short, I’m looking for an approval for one of these terms to use in the badge like “Awesome Cloudflare” or “Awesome for Cloudflare” – I have a feeling the latter would be fine as per the trademark requirements but it’s always better to get an official confirmation you know.

  2. If you have any suggestions to improve the list, please let me know (things we should add/omit maybe)?

  3. Any ideas to get some traction for the list as the more contributors and stargazers it gets, the better it would be for the growth, content and overall the benefit we’d all get out of it (discovery of awesome stuff and resources related to CF). Otherwise, it’ll obviously end up like yet another list that died before it was even discovered by anyone :joy::man_shrugging: As these lists or any OSS projects for that matter need contributors/users to improve :slight_smile: – Badge idea is one of them so we can cross-promote, win-win for everyone.

Let me know your thoughts on these points. Thanks!

P.S. Thanks for the RT too :slight_smile:

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Hey @irs!

For #1 – I’ll do my best! Not sure I can make it move much faster, but will definitely try and reach out to them.

The list looks great, and I think adding to the official awesome list will be good for getting more folks interested in it :slight_smile: I’ll be linking to the repo in a few upcoming posts I’m working on, so maybe that’ll help a bit too! Thanks again :+1:


Sounds good and that would be great if we could have the #1 resolved ASAP. Thank you!

And Indeed, adding it to the official awesome list will definitely make a difference. They have a requirement of minimum of 30 days. So waiting for that and in the mean time building the list and inviting as many stargazers as possible, so they know it’s worth adding due to the existing interest shown through the stargazers :slight_smile:

Also, Sounds great about linking back to repo from your upcoming posts. That should really help too. Appreciate it.

I’d be happy to add you or anyone from CF to the collaborators list if you guys want. Please let me know if you’d be interested in joining?


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