Introducing Argo — A faster, more reliable, more secure Internet for everyone



Cloudflare is launching Argo, a “virtual backbone” for the modern Internet. Argo analyzes and optimizes routing decisions across the global Internet in real-time. Think Waze, the automobile route optimization app, but for Internet traffic.

If you’ve got questions about how it works, costs, etc., go ahead and ask away.


very nice work there … though $0.10/GB can get expensive i.e. 40TB/month = $4,096/month extra !

Wonder how would this compare to a Cloudflare customer’s site leveraging Cloudflare LoadBalancer which has at pools and origin backends setup in each of Cloudflare’s 13 datacenter Geo regions in terms of TTFB, latency and page load speeds ? Would Cloudflare Loadbalancer config like this be essentially same as Cloudflare Argo ?


If you were using geo-steering then you’re probably getting some benefit by steering traffic to origins which are in the most optimized geography for a particular requests. Argo could further extend/optimize by finding the fastest route to a particular origin.

Assume for a moment the user is in London and you have an origin server in Poland. If the public internet would have routed the request from our London POP to Amsterdam, then Berlin and on to Warsaw that could be the fastest route. Or it could be possible that from our London POP to our Munich POP and then to Warsaw could be faster. If the latter were faster then routing though our network using Argo could potentially improve performance.

But to your point if you weren’t using our Geo Steering to optimize traffic first then having a Portland based server in your LB pool would potentially be slower for that London user (Argo or otherwise) than the Warsaw based server would have been.


thanks @cscharff for the clarification and info. So much good stuff coming from Cloudflare.

All you need to do now is figure out faster than light data transfer speeds :sunglasses:


Just enabled it, Cloudflare can you get any better!.


Awesome! :success:

Please be sure to share any feedback you have around how it’s working for you, config, or anything like that.


I’m guessing if you have an audience that is geographically concentrated (the most a user would see is 10 - 15ms from client to POP) and the POP is close to the origin (let’s say peering gives it a 1ms latency) then this wouldn’t be of much advantage then?


This may be already happening, but it would be a good improvement for CloudFlare to make Railgun (or equivalent) run between POPs when Argo is enabled so that customers don’t have to.

Railgun is a huge pain to configure and doesn’t work with the load balancing/CTM system. It should really be an implementation detail embedded into the CloudFlare network.


oh i didn’t know Railgun isn’t working with Cloudflare Traffic Manager/Loadblancer !


That’s what I’m figuring, most of our traffic comes from within Victoria and goes to AWS Sydney - probably not that many routes it can take and it’s pretty low latency already.

Railgun always seemed kinda messy for .net based sites, so we’ve never touched it


Yes, that was my point. Our traffic is majority NZ (75%) and there’s a concentration around Auckland, Wellington. The AKL POP is peered with out data centre connectivity provider so latency is really around 1ms.

Fibre backbone up and down the country helps move traffic fast so anywhere in NZ latency is really low. Even to AU it’s still not bad.

I guess this is not something for us really. Not even Railgun (or perhaps that could be something to look at).


Also good to run into you again, it’s Stuart from the hive from all those years ago!

I get about 30-50ms to New Zealand, so probably not going to make a lot of a difference


So can you confirm that Railgun and Argo work together?


Load Balancing does work with Railgun (they are complementary). If you’ve heard otherwise, send an email to my username @


thanks @msilverlock for confirmation :slight_smile:


Have you already tested Argo? How is it going?


A free trial would be nice. With cloudflare and optimized content my sites are pretty fast already. Some live testing can tell me if it’s worth the extra cost.

I received the email pitching argo. Aside from telling up how much time it can save, perhaps also add how much it would cost. That will help us resellers.
In fact, that info should be in the argo pitch that is in our dashboards already.


That’s great feedback and I will pass it along to the folks who put together the email!

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