Introducing with Warp!

Is Warp service still pending to launch since I didn’t see the number in the waiting list moving?

Yes, one of the staff may know more, but as far as I know, the list isn’t moving yet, it is being worked on and it should start to move in the next few weeks. Weeks not days though according to a tweet from @eastdakota IIRC.

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It’ll be great if I could sign up to the waiting list. Right now it seems to keep spinning when I request joining the waiting list?

Oops.I thought it could be in days as they were hurry to announce the plan on the particular date. So now I have to prepare my patience.

From the blog announcement:

We expect that we’ll begin inviting people on the waitlist to try Warp over the coming weeks. And, assuming demand stays within our forecasts, hope to have it available to everyone on the waitlist by the end of July.

Thanks for the sharing. Missed this part in the post. Will sit tight then.

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So they expect they will catch up to the demand (of more than 1 per second) and catch up to the backlog by then… So the first people will be earlier I presume… I should in the first thousands, so I hope soon!

The blog announcement was out at launch, while the “more than 1 per second” was tweeted later that day. Let’s hope the high volume of interested users won’t compromise their expected rollout schedule.

Yeah, but that piece of text wasn’t there at launch, just like the highlight of the desktop versions. They added info to reply to FAQs.

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That makes me more confident on the late July schedule. The latest tweet to share their number in line, about 10 min ago, had a low 400,000 number. So it doesn’t look like they are adding 1 user per second anymore, apparently things have slowed down a bit.

Yeah, but not really that slower, it started at 160k on April 1st afternoon (less than 72h ago), it’s still around 1/s on average considering that not everyone had the update immediately available and even on iOS where it was it didn’t allow to signup immediately.

On Tuesday evening, I was assigned #333683. So roughly speaking we’ve had 72k added on about 40 hours, or ~0.5 user per second since then. But of course you are right that this numbers may fluctuate as a result of apps being back to normal and a myriad of other factors.

Anyways, I can’t wait to get mine working :slight_smile:

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Has anybody reported issues with some mobile apps like Google Maps not loading on Android when is connected? Also some websites I would need to refresh as they won’t open from the first time.

If you have a list of sites or apps you know pass this test, you should view this post and let them know. Have problems with *Read Me First*

The one addition I would like, is to be able to continue to use PiHole (which resolves via Cloudflare DoH) when at home. Some mechanism to specify a DNS to use when on named WiFi APs would be a great addition.

There is the ability to disable via the app on specific Wi-Fi networks. It’s in the app. I assume Warp will use the same mechanism.

I don’t want to disable it, I want to point to a specific DNS when on certain WiFi networks. For various reasons the PiHole is not the default (though I may change that :smile:).

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Well, changing the DNS IP in the app is not allowed, that for sure. You can configure iOS, macOS, Windows (and I presume Android) to point to a specific DNS on a specific network and then disable the app on that same network.

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I know that! What I am suggesting is the app could be more flexible and allow that as an option.

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