Introduce Live Chat & Phone Call support for all Paying customers

Writing for support email and getting response after many hours is not great thing for a business. It is important to ensure timely support. We do have customer who would get panic due to delay.

  • Billing
  • Technical

Clearly that can’t make economic sense. For domain registrations at cost, or services with a $10-20/month fee, its not practical to have an army of people standing by for calls or chat. Any support, even on tickets, likely wipes that level of customer payment out. Especially when a lot of support questions are related to technical issues that are part of the self-service model or not down to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is priced so users can use some of the same services and scale as enterprises for little or no cost. If you need SLAs, faster or more support, then choose a Business or Enterprise plan. Yes, that costs more but that choice depends on the value you put on your business continuity.


Your concerns are valid to some extent. However, billing issues should be prioritized as both parties benefit from their timely resolution. Regarding technical queries, the community is generally helpful, and waiting a few days for a ticket response is reasonable. However, waiting many days to resolve billing issues is not ideal.

My client was on the pro plan (accidentally switched to Free due to glitch) and currently facing issues without receiving a response. I have been using Cloudflare for a decade and have experienced all service levels: Free, Pro, Business. It was never this slow before.

Despite Cloudflare increasing its pricing, the support has not improved accordingly. While I appreciate what Cloudflare does, its support needs to be more proactive. Some delay is understandable, but being unresponsive does not inspire confidence for future.

That would be due to the current widespread billing issues, causing a massive influx of tickets that the billing support team need to handle. Adding more, less efficient for them, ways to disturb those support people won’t help anything. Everyone’s issue is urgent to them, the only logical conclusion is to handle them in order.

The actual fix is to fix the billing system so that there isn’t such an avalanche of tickets.

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