Internet Summit London 2018


Thanks to everyone for the Internet Summit in London 14 June 18. It was a well organised, interesting and fun day. Clearly a lot of thought went into organising this with excellent guests and presenters.

Although very interesting to hear from Sir John Scarlett and Sir David Omand, they were not the stars for me although both were the most anticipated. Instead, most interesting was James Allworth, CMO of Zenrez. If anyone stopped me in my tracks and got me thinking differently, it was James.

Matthew Prince said they had selected people who they admired and this was definitely the right approach.

Reflecting on the content of the day, I would really liked to have heard more from Nnenna Nwakanma. 30 minutes was just too short. Nnenna added the ‘fun’ to the day and got the biggest laugh, but her message was heard loud and clear.

This was a varied and interesting day and I don’t think anyone left early.

I hope we get a chance to do it again soon. Thanks Cloudflare.

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