Internet provider ATT blocking Cloudflare

Internet provider ATT (att(dot)com) blocking Cloudflare ips and therefore it’s impossible for many people to reach pages using Cloudflare.

It’s not just blocking them, it’s posting them as malicous as if my business would be a risk or spread malware…
It is not domain related and also not related to my own ip, it’s straight up the ips that are resolved when using Cloudflare dns.

My domain is on these two

not sure if both are the problem, or just one or all existing. I am not from a country with that internet provider but I keep having more and more people sending me that they can not reach my internet page and when I googled it, many many people have the same problem.

Can CF please get in touch with the obvious incapable / noobish people of ATT and solve the problem?

Sadly, Cloudflare cant do nothing, ATT are silly to blacklist Cloudflare i.p addresses and not the dns records, named.

Check that thread out, many others linked in it. Sorry to say i doubt anything will get resolved.

Would be frustrating beyond belief, ATT customers get dcam earnings on 40 million plus properties??? Lol

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