Internet not working without WARP enabled on WIN10

Hey guys I’ve been using WARP since around two days ago, and I eventually realized that my internet stopped working if I don’t have WARP enabled.

I’ve tried flushing the dns, uninstalling WARP, ipconfig /release and /renew, doing netsh resets, and I’m pretty much out of ideas.

I’ve also set IPv4 and IPv6 on automatic with WARP turned off and the internet still doesn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

May I ask if you’re using WiFi connection or cable connection? :thinking:

I’m using a wifi connection, and i’m using a laptop instead of a desktop if that changes things maybe

Does it work on devices that were never set up with WARP? If not, it’s an ISP problem and you should report it to them. (Still weird though.)

Probably wrong but maybe they have some peering with Cloudflare and your ISPs connection to the rest of the internet might have gone down and so when you go through WARP its using Cloudflare’s backbone and so it works. (I don’t understand much networking at all its just a thought)

Internet works fine on other devices that doesn’t have WARP, it’s only my laptop that has WARP installed on it that’s like this.

Internet used to work fine on my laptop until I got WARP on it, which now made the program a necessity to use internet on the device.

Nestlé move right there.

What shows up under ipconfig? Could you DM me? This forum doesn’t have DMs :grimacing:

It should look something like this:

You said you tried netsh reset, so you have tried essentially resetting the adapter completely, right? (A command does the same but you said ‘resets’ so uh idk thats under Windows Settings on Network usually)

Also, what error shows up on Chrome / what browser you are using, when you are not using WARP?

This is what shows up on ipconfig (I just followed you and blurred the same things you blurred, so hopefully that’s okay)

Sorry for the double post, could only embed one picture on a post,

this is the error I’m getting when opening Gmail for example without WARP

Ok so apparently I found out that when I used the website to check my connection to Cloudflare, the results with WARP turned on and off were exactly the same with the exception of a different Cloudflare data center.

This is with WARP turned on:

And this is with WARP turned off:

So uh, any ideas? It seems like even when turned off, WARP is stuck and I’m unable to remove it entirely from my network.

Hmmm. It says you are using DNS over HTTPS. Which makes sense, if you are on WARP, the DNS queries are most likely by default being overridden by Chrome’s Secure DNS setting. In both these images, it doesn’t show anything that directly indicates “this is a WARP connection.”

The only way you can confirm that is by checking your IP addresses on the public web, which I personally do out of habit on, if it shows your internet service provider as Cloudflare, you’re using WARP.

Can you try first disabling this secure DNS feature on chrome? (It’s also possible, on Windows 11 that you have Secure DNS on)

What is your DNS on Windows? I’ve had issues where Cloudflare won’t set DNS properly after disabling WARP.

This is what shows up on the website, I’m not tech savvy at all so I’m not sure how to interpret it

I tried disabling secure DNS on chrome, and sadly problem still persists.

Also, how do I check what my DNS is on Windows?

I also found out that apparently my connection also seems to work if I connect to any VPN, but also breaks whenever I turn said VPN off.

This MTU issue of yours is interesting. I suppose this is another device that has no WARP and you have connected with no WARP or any VPN to it.

Unrelated but important, call up your ISP about this error and let them know. If you have access to your router’s settings, try changing your MTU by 2 or so and keep doing it and see if it fixes anything about this error on the test website.

Under network on Windows 10, you can usually find it. I don’t know how to describe it atm, I’m on Windows 11 unsure of your windows version and how it works on 11.

Have you ever tried changing it / specifying it again? You can still use (2606:4700:4700::1111) (Don’t forget to also change it on IPv6 :blush:)

The settings for changing them is basically universal on Windows so I think you’ll figure it out.

Can you ping from other devices? Can you ping And can you ping 2606:4700:4700::1111? Asking because I remembered a situation about someone not being able to use because their ISP was using it for something and it broke their connectivity. ( would work though) but Windows is dumb and doesn’t know how to deal with DNS properly I guess.

TBH I’m trying my best to help you here but it just seems like WARP seemed up something really deep into your OS or something and now you can’t use it properly. I’m going over what I know but it’s very possible you might actually have to do a reinstall of Windows.

By the way, searching about it, are you sure none of your VPNs have a kill switch so when it detects no VPN being used it turns off your internet connection?

WARP doesn’t have a kill switch does it? Since my problem started when I used it. I’m guessing something bugged out when I uninstalled it or something, not sure.

I just might have to do a reinstall of windows like you said, but I’ll try to hold off on that.
Thanks for trying to figure out this weird situation of mine though, really appreciate it!

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