Internet network problem

So i changed the dns server ip 1 and 2 on my official router page and when i did restart my router so the settings can be applied, i couldnt connent to the internet on my pc is says internet in not recognize

May someone can help me with this?

Is the change to #zero-trust:dns-1111?

zero trust dns meaning ?

Hi, was the ip address you entered for the Cloudflare dns resolver,, that caused your internet connection to stop working?

Yeah i put the address one as and the address two as

I was forced to bring back my old router settings with the internet provider dns until i find a solution for my problem

Hey there,
If you are using Zero Trust, in your Cloudflare Zero Trust Dashboard > Gateway > DNS Locations , when you create a location, in this case your local network, Cloudlare asks you to add your Source IPv4 address. When you add this address, Cloudflare provides you two addresses to add. Did you attempt those two? - There is also a link with Setup instructions which assists in setting up under Windows, Mac, Linux, Firefox as well as your Router (your case).

I found the link useful in determining which transport connections were successful along the way.

Hoping this assists :slight_smile:

might send me this link if you can?

may provide me with the link :stuck_out_tongue:

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