Internet Archive Team Up privacy change?

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I read this blog

Cloudflare’s Always Online and the Internet Archive Team Up to Fight Origin Errors

what does this change for me as a user of Cloudflare I do not use internet archive and I have also made it clear to them to not Index any on my website and removed all the previous archives.

if I continue to use the Cloudflare service will it automatically give them the right to make a copy of my websites again?

since the website are sent via that website?


reopen this I just login cant response to michael

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Always Online is a Cloudflare feature to serve an older copy of your site if your Origin is unavailable, and the Cloudflare cache is empty. It is an opt-in feature, and the Internet Archive integration is a separate opt-in feature.

If you opt-in to the Always Online Internet Archive integration, Cloudflare will notify IA that a page needs to be indexed. IA will then index as normal, and if you have robots.txt or firewall rule to stop that, then the indexing will fail.

If you already block IA, then you should make sure Always Online is disabled.


I really don’t like this, specially for privacy I have choose between getting all websites archived or use Cloudflare always online service.

terrible choice for me

Block the as number its what i done and works well, i dont know what has changed i never enabled always online with Cloudflare, but last night they scraped 35 gb and i got argo on so thanks ia ya mongs.

Will not be occuring again.

The “legacy” Always Online and the IA version both display a public version of your website. The privacy implications are no different to having a website on the Internet?

Until July 12th 2022, you can use Always Online without Internet Archive. At that point if you don’t want Internet Archive the feature will not work for you, so it would be best to disable it.

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