Internal Transfer Error when transferring domain


I’ve been trying over the course of a week to transfer in four domains into an account. We keep getting an internal transfer error (see screenshot) when we do it. We’ve checked back at different times and it just keeps failing.

I’ve tried incognito / different browsers, all the things. Any ideas?

If you keep getting the error, can you create a Registrar ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Registrar ticket here,

Thanks for that link! I just created a ticket (didn’t see that Registrar tickets were an option earlier): #3122572

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Sorry for the troubles. I will flag that for my colleague, I noticed similar issues earlier and believe that was resolved. Can you try again from an incognito mode?

If it fails and if you’re using paypal, can you try a credit card? Let us know if that helps.

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