Internal server error on my website

The last few days I have been getting intermittent internal server errors on my website.

Speaking to the person that investigating this from my hosting company, he says it is only happening in certain regions. I am encountering it I am in a Florida? I have not had an issue before with Cloudflare so not sure if something changed recently?

He is also sent me this email last night…

When I had a close look into your issue, I noticed that your domain and are pointing to the external Cloudflare IP addresses and . Even the test script at your domain at is showing the intermittent internal server error. However, the same test PHP script run at your account URL is not generating any intermittent error. I have refreshed the script several times and it is working fine. The name servers of your domain is showing following: Please contact the Cloudflare team and configure that the domain points to our IP address {redacted} . I cannot check the IP address to which the A record of your domain is made to route the web traffic. As part of our ongoing system maintenance, we sometimes add new devices to help improve the performance of customer websites on the shared hosting platform.

During this time, accounts have to be moved from one server to another server. The IP address of your domain is not updated I think. Once you update the IP address, please wait for the propagation time to complete and then check after clearing the browser cache and cookies. Propagation time can vary depending on the geographical location. Normally, the domain DNS takes 0-8 hours and is known to take up to 48 hours maximum to completely propagate. In order to know more about clearing browser cache and cookies, please click here .

A heads up, clearing browser cache, and cookies will erase all the previous history of websites you have visited in that browser. If the website is still showing the intermittent error, please try accessing from Private browsing or Incognito mode. Regarding using Private Browsing in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, please refer to the following articles: Private Browsing - Use Firefox without saving history | Firefox Help Browse in private - Computer - Google Chrome Help

If the issue persists, we need to confirm that there is no issue with your Cloudflare servers. Please directly point the A record of your domain to the IP address {redacted} and confirm if the PHP scripts are working consistently. Please let us know the results of these changes…

are you still seeing errors?

It appears you were able to do this successfully, yes? Dropping a #tutorial here for future reference if anyone encounters a similar issue

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