Internal links http, or https?

I have my setting to Always use https - I need to so that my site shows secure (an issue I resolved with support previously). However, Google analytics doesn’t seem to be seeing all of my internal links. Should I set all of my internal links to http and let it redirect, or https, for best results? Even if the Google issue has nothing to do with this, I’d like to know which is better for traffic monitoring and site speed, please.

Note: As changes have been made while I’ve been building my site, my links are currently mixed. I want to make them all uniform and that’s why I’m asking the best format.

Do you mean actual links or embedded resources?

Actual links - like a hyperlink from one page on the site linking to another.

In that case it wouldnt matter much (considering you have a rewrite in place anyhow) but I’d still publish HTTPS links.

I was sort of thinking of it that way, but I wasn’t sure. Thank you.

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