Internal IP

Is there any option where I can use one internal IP and also use CloudFlare proxy?

When I try to do it I receive this error:

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004)

Unproxy that record. Switch the proxy status from :orange: to :grey:.

Hey @sandro I want the opposite, I want that my internal IP be proxied by CloudFlare.

I have one entry like this: (Internal IP) :grey:
and I want this: (Internal IP) :orange:

but I receive the 1004 error

Cloudflare obviously cannot proxy an internal IP address. If you want that you would need to look into Argo Tunnel.

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To @sandro’s point, a non-routable IP address is by definition non-routable. So to proxy throguh Cloudflare the host either has to have a public IP published through a firewall (for example) or connected using an Argo tunnel which provides a persistent connection from the origin to Cloudflare’s edge.

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