"Internal error" when deploying site on cloudflare pages

I am attempting a second deploy to my site (after having first published it 2 months ago.) It’s a static site, with generated HTML served out of a folder. Deploy is failing with an “internal error” - full build logs below. I don’t seem to be able to report a ticket to cloudflare directly.

07:32:02.283 Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
07:34:28.093 Success: Finished initializing build environment
07:34:28.093 Cloning repository…
07:34:32.710 Failed: an internal error occurred

I found a workaround.

This is a hugo blog. However, I’m using a theme that cloudflare’s builder doesn’t support, so I had skipped the build command and set output directory to public (having built the site locally with hugo). This worked three months ago, but apparently doesn’t work any longer.

I created a separate repo in github for just the content, and wrote a bash script to copy the output of the public directory from my local build to that separate repo. Then I deleted the site in cloudflare, and recreated the site pointing just at the content repo.

This worked. Bit of a pain, but it’s functional.

This workaround seems painful. What’s most likely happening is the theme is a submodule. This is very common for Hugo. If you just remove the submodule and have the files in the repo, then it should be able to clone perfectly fine.

Yep, that did the job - thanks. Removing the submodule was painful in and of itself.

I wish Cloudflare had a real error message for this situation.

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