Internal error occurred while trying to clone hugo project for Pages

Hi there.

I’m trying to deploy a Hugo static website via Pages and the build fails with the following information:

23:28:53.605 Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
23:29:35.334 Success: Finished initializing build environment
23:29:35.334 Cloning repository…
23:29:44.285 Failed: an internal error occurred

No additional contexto of information.

Is there any additional logs where I’m able to debub this issue?

Thank you.

Hugo seems to be related to a number of issues I’ve seen in posts in the last 24-hours. This week is #DeveloperWeek and the team is huddled over at

You may want to ping them there to see if you can get some details. Anything you can share back here will help others that encounter this issues downtheline…

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