Internal error occurred when deploying

I’m deploying an astro build website from github. It builds correctly at fails at deploying. This started happening yesterday. I thought it was related to yesterday’s outage but this is still ongoing:

	06:47:01 [build] Server built in 5.40s
17:47:01.619	06:47:01 [build] Complete!
17:47:01.667	Finished
17:47:01.668	Found Functions directory at /functions. Uploading.
17:47:03.217	✨ Compiled Worker successfully
17:47:03.262	Found _routes.json in output directory. Uploading.
17:47:03.280	Validating asset output directory
17:47:04.073	Deploying your site to Cloudflare's global network...
17:47:05.464	Failed: an internal error occurred. If this continues, contact support:
17:47:05.464	Error: Failed to publish assets. For support, join our Discord ( or create a ticket and reference the deployment ID: bc63a10e-2136-48c8-9318-29531ff97c21