Internal error in cloudflare pages

I got an internal error while trying to deploy a static site to CF pages

19:06:45.467 Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
19:07:19.495 Success: Finished initializing build environment
19:07:19.495 Cloning repository…
19:07:21.178 Failed: an internal error occurred

Have you asked around on Discord?

I’m also getting error on some Cloudflare pages. I have post many times but no one reply me please tell me what will i do ? my website link :

I have the same issue lately…Nuxt static project…
If I build it locally it works…and on Cloudflare pages it takes 3 minutes to build, so something happens

I have a similar problem to @matthew3, but my site takes the same amount of time to build locally as it does on CF Pages.

The failure occurs in the same place though – just after the message about deploying to the global network.

Unfortunately I deleted and recreated the Pages project to see if it would make a difference, not knowing that I would lose the domain…